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Elder Scroll Online – How to Get Started With Summerset

time 2018-06-07 08:54

Summerset, the second Elder Scroll Online expansion, is here. The expansion comes with new activities so here are some ideas on how to continue the Tamriel adventure. For starters, adventurers are invited to reach the new region that is called Summerset Isle. There are in game guides that will help them make their way to the Isle. There is no level requirement so players can even explore the expansion with a newly created character. It also possible, of course, to adventure with a veteran character. A new quest line and lots of secondary missions and tasks await players so questing is a good idea. This is not just a good way to get familiar with the story but also the fastest way to level up and to obtain rewards. Other PvE activities include world bosses, public dungeons, delves, and a new activity. There are six new world bosses that must be defeated. Sunhold and Karnwasten are the two public dungeons. Players have six delves to explore. Abyssal geysers are non-instanced group activities that require players to take down mobs. They are somewhat similar to dark anchors. After the invasion is cleared, players that took part in it get rewards. 
A new profession, jewelcrafting, is available. The profession gives players the opportunity to make accessories. A new crafting table and jewelcrafting skill line were added. Speaking of skill lines, players that adventure into Summerset get to learn the Psijic Order skill line. The requirement to unlock the skill line is to complete the expansion's first main quest so working on quests first is always a good idea. There is also a museum quest available. Those who complete it get a home Elder Scroll Online item that is more than just a decoration. When the item is used, the adventurer gains the appearance of a monkey. Those who are looking for challenging content should know that Summerset features a new trial called Cloudrest where a team of heroes will go against the mighty gryphon riders. There are four bosses in this new trial. New loot and rewards are earned by completing it. 

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