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Elder Scroll Online – Who Is the Psijic Order

time 2018-06-28 09:15

Elder Scroll Online Summerset expansion came with the addition of a new continent and a new organization. Many players have heard about the Psijic Order but not many details are known about them. Those who have played TES V: Skyrim might remember an encounter with a Psijic Order member. The mysterious organization deals with magic but it's much older than the Mages Guild. The Psijic Order was born on the Summerset Isles. This is adventurers' chance to learn more about the order and even become one of them. It has been more than three hundred years since members of the order roamed Tamriel. They are now back and ready to interact with the adventurers. Lore fans will appreciate the chance to discover more about the organization but all players will agree that the abilities from the Psijic Order skill line are just too good to be missed. 
Just like the other skill lines that belong to a guild or an organization, the Psijic Order skill line can be learned by any character. The first condition is, of course, to have the latest Elder Scroll Online expansion, Summerset. The second one is to complete The Queen's Decree quest. Players will be able to join the order by talking to Loremaster Celarus. He is found in the tower of Ceporah. There are Psijic Order quests that allow players to earn ranks and Elder Scroll Online Gold
All classes and roles will benefit from the skill line. This is a versatile skill line that has abilities to satisfy all characters no matter they are healers, damage dealers, tanks, or hybrid roles. There is an ability that increases dealt damage. Another one allows players to recuperate stamina and magicka. Speed and crit damage can also be boosted with an ability. Players can even turn damage into healing. There is also a useful crowd control ability. Several passive abilities give players the chance to discover treasures, to decrease incoming damage, and to deal damage. The ultimate ability takes players four seconds back in time. This is a powerful ability because it can be used to restore stamina, magicka, and HP. 

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