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World of Warcraft - What's New With Dungeons and Raids in Battle for Azeroth

time 2018-08-24 03:06

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth has 10 new dungeons and one raid. More will be added in the future but when the expansion launches, these will be the initial PvE challenges. Players get access to some dungeons at the beginning of the expansion. The others will be available when they reach maximum level which will be easy with fast wow Power Leveling service. This all depends on the character's faction but both factions can access a similar number of dungeons. Two of the new dungeons are available only on mythic and mythic+ difficulty. Speaking of mythic, this system will be slightly different in Battle for Azeroth. 
Players won't be able to gear swap in mythic+ dungeons anymore. This means that players will have to decide what equipment to use from the start based on the affixes. Two new affixes are introduced along with mythic seasons. During a season, one affix will always be present so this means there will be four affixes during a season. Although it has nothing to do with the mythic system, tank threat reduction is a change that will affect mythic runs. No more gear swaps, one additional affix, and less tank threat will make Battle for Azeroth mythic encounters more challenging. 
The first raid in the new expansion is called Uldir. The biggest change related to the raid system is the removal of the raid tier sets. Players will now have more freedom when choosing gear for their characters and not be bound by sets anymore. The loot system changes as well. There is no more master loot. The only system is personal loot. A special system for transmog runs was implemented to give players the chance to acquire cosmetic World of Warcraft items. The new dungeons and raids will drop new sets that share the visual customization with the area from which they drop. For example, Uldir raid is located in Nazmir so players will acquire Nazmir themed gear from it. Players will be able to adventure into the new raid and fight the new bosses a couple of weeks after the expansion launches. 

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