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STO - Age of Discovery Content Update

time 2018-12-18 08:19

Age of Discovery is a content update for STO MMO. It is created in collaboration with CBS show writers who are working on Star Trek: Discovery TV show. Characters from the show will make an appearance in the game as NPCs. Players will be able to explore new stories that are based on Discovery events. One of the first TV characters that is available in the game is cadet Sylvia Tilly. She will be voiced by the actress that is playing her in the show. Some of the show locations have been re-created in the game. Players will descend into the dilithium mines on Corvan II. They will also have the chance to go aboard U.S.S Glenn. As you can imagine, these are not just empty locations. There will be new stories to uncover and adventures to complete. Klingons are important characters in the show and they are present in this update as well. Players will need to discover what is happening on Starbase 1 that has just been hit by a Klingon attack. The House of D'Ghor is behind all this. Players will also meet T'Kuvma's sister. She is called J'Ula and she is the matriarch of the House Mo'kai. Her plan is to reunite the clans under the Klingon Empire. 
The update comes with revisions to old systems. Queues are now called task force operations. These are multiplayer missions. The new task force operations are now connected to the story. One of the first operations is to defend Starbase 1. The famous Battle at the Binary Stars is also available in the game as a task force operation. This special event gives players the chance to acquire unique rewards and to discover a piece of the Federation's history. Players can join random operations to get more rewards for helping other players. The mission journal was modified as well. This will provide a better leveling experience for new players. Most of the level requirements have been removed. The reputation system was changed too. More activities, content and cheap buy STO credits are expected to follow in the future.

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