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A Brand New U7buy is Online!

time 2018-12-26 06:26

After a longtime preparation, the bran new version of u7buy is online finally! So what’s new in this new version? Of course a lot, new u7buy, new performance! Now let’s see together!


Compare with the old version, one of the most obvious change is the appearance that you see. The logo of u7buy, the home page, product page and member section are updated with a bran new appearance now. This is the old version of u7buy, you can leave a comment and share your idea with us.
FUT 19 Coins Buying - Self-service for Coins Withdraw
Speak properly, it’s the FUT 19 Comfort Trade service. Now customers could withdraw coins themselves in the membership section. Same as before, you need to choose the product you want and add to cart; pay for your order. Then click your u7buy member name and go to the ‘Order History’ section where you can withdraw fut coins by yourself. You can withdraw your fut 19 coins anytime you want.
Right information could help us login your account successfully and start coins transferring as soon as possible. Here are tips you need to know: 1. Make sure you fill in right information of your account.
2. Fill in valid backup codes.
3. Contact with u7buy live chat/ email if there’s any question about your order.
Visit u7buy, place an order now to enjoy new service of u7buy! Welcome to leave a comment and tell us your suggestions! Thanks very much for your supporting!

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