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How Crafting Works in STO

time 2019-01-31 16:32

The crafting system in STO is called Research and Development. Players can start crafting items only after they get to level 15. The crafting system is based on materials and items. Players gather materials and turn them into all sorts of items. Tech upgrade tokens can also be crafted using this system. These items are used to upgrade items through the gear upgrade system. The materials are gathered from nodes and obtained as a reward from duty officer assignments and PvE queue missions. There are also research and development packs that grant materials. Players will turn the materials into components which are used for item crafting. The items that can be crafted belong to one of the 10 different crafting categories or schools.
There are 10 crafting schools. Eight of them are normal ones and there are also two special schools. There are 20 levels in a normal school but the special ones don't have levels. As players level up their crafting, they can craft superior quality items. The beams school teaches players how to craft beam arrays, beam consoles, dual beam banks, and omni-directional beam arrays. The cannons school has all sorts of cannons such as normal, dual, heavy duty, cannon consoles, and turrets. Those who specialize in the engineering school can craft body armor, cores, impulse engines, and engineering consoles. If you want to craft ground weapons, then make sure to level up the school with the same name and buy STO Credits . Kits and modules school teaches you how to craft items of these two types. The projectiles school is for those who want to craft torpedo and mines items. There is also the science school that deals with deflector dishes and science consoles. Ship and personal shields can be crafted by those who level up the shields school. Officer training and special projects are the two special schools. The first one deals with training manuals and the second with projects that are used for certain events. Duty officers are part of the crafting system. Depending on their rarity, they will boost the crafting skill. The crafting system is accessed from the duty officer interface. 

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