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STO – Fleet System

time 2019-03-16 13:44

STO players can form permanent social structures called fleets. In other MMORPGs, these are known as clans or guilds. A fleet can have 500 members, but it takes only five players to start a fleet. They can design the fleet emblem and uniform. Members of a fleet share a bank, talk on the fleet chat channel, and organize events using the fleet calendar. The fleet advancement system is one of the most important fleet features. This system allows fleets to built all sorts of holdings (facilities). There are seven facilities. Each one unlocks different advantages. The starbase is sort of a guild hall. Players can come here to check out the mail and to access the bank. The fleet bank holds items that can be used by all fleet members who have permission to retrieve items from the bank. The permission is associated with fleet ranks. Each facility also unlocks items to buy. In addition to the starbase, a fleet can also have an embassy, dilithium mine, spire, research lab, K-13, and a colony world. A facility corresponds to different departments. For example, the dilithium mine is in the development and trade departments. Players can complete department projects to increase the tier of the facilities. The holdings' tier determines the level of the fleet. There are no rewards for gaining levels, however, a high fleet level is a measure of the members' commitment and activity. 

Thirteen fleets can form an armada. Only fleets from the same faction can join into an armada. The fleet that starts the armada is called the alpha fleet. It can invite three beta fleets. Each beta fleet can also invite three gamma fleets. Invited fleets can also be kicked from the armada. The armada has the name of the alpha fleet. There are certain advantages that come from being part of an armada. Fleets can help each other with resources for the fleet advancement system. Each fleet that is part of an armada will also get a dilithium discount and a bonus to skill points. 
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