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Elder Scroll Online – Spindleclutch I Veteran Hard Mode Boss Tactics

time 2019-03-18 14:07

Spindlekin. The first boss won't give Elder Scroll Online players too much trouble. It's an easy fight. The boss summons some adds. It's up to each group to decide whether to take down the adds first or to focus attacks on the boss. Spindlekin can replenish HP by consuming dead spiders but this is not really a cause of concern. 

Swarm Mother. The boss does a heavy attack that can be blocked. There will also be some avoidable AOEs on the ground. There will be some small spider adds that don't necessarily take priority over the boss. If you have enough DPS, just burn the boss down and ignore the adds. 
Cerise the Widow-Maker. Once again, the tank needs to watch out and block the boss's heavy attack. This is another easy boss as it doesn't have a set of complicated mechanics. 
Big Rabbu. This boss has some adds around him. The adds will place AOEs on the ground that can be avoided. The boss uses a chain to pull players towards him. Make sure you get away from him after you're being pulled. The boss also has a charge mechanic. Keep an eye on the direction and move out else you will take some heavy damage. 
The Whisperer. There is a pack of adds right before this boss. Once the adds are killed, the boss encounter starts so be prepared as there is no pull. The boss simply walks in and the fight begins. The boss will place an AOE under it that grows in size. It is pretty easy to avoid, however, The Whisperer also has the pull mechanic as seen on Big Rabbu. It pulls a player before doing the AOE so get ready to move out fast. The boss will also use poison attacks that should be dodged because the damage is pretty high. Healers should watch out as players will take lots of damage during this fight. They should be prepared to heal those affected by the light flash attack. This attack also incapacitates players. Elder Scroll Online players could join Spindleclutch dungeon and try this guild now, remember to buy Elder Scroll Online gold cheapest from  u7buy first before you start. 

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