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FF14 – The Royal Menagerie Tactics

time 2019-04-10 09:52

FF14 players will notice the duty gauge that fills up as the fight progresses. When the gauge reaches 100, the boss will perform a special attack. Tidal Wave is an attack that pushes players and can knock them off the platform. As soon as the cast starts, players should look for the water sprout and go stand next to it. A few puddles will also appear on the ground during this attack. Hellfire is another special attack, When he casts it, players should look for the water puddle and stand in it. Judgment Bolt deals lightning damage so players need to avoid the water puddles during this attack. When the boss casts Diamond Dust, the players should stop moving. Earthen Fury is a raid AOE. During Aerial Blast, players need to stand in the middle.

These attacks are used in between special attacks. Players have to stack and share the damage for Hypernova. Akh Morn is a tank attack. The two tanks should stack together for this attack. The boss will also place some blue AOE columns on the ground. Ice Storm is an unavoidable AOE attack that just has to be healed through. Earth Breath will be cast on two players. This is a cone AOE that spawns from the boss. The affected players can place the cones on top of each other on the corners.
The next phase begins with some proximity AOE attacks and some adds spawning. Once the adds are dead, the boss does his ultimate spell. Players will have to deal with an Active Time Maneuver event to advance to the next phase. Just click the button to escape the trap. The first attack to watch out for is an AOE. Players will see that the platform now has a gray tile in the middle while all other tiles are blue. The boss will hit the blue tiles and can break them so dont stand on tiles that have been cracked. In this phase, the bosss tail can be attacked and he indirectly takes a lot of damage. Players that are chained together should move away from each other to break the chain. Players with purple markers should move away as they will be targeted with AOE attacks. The attacks repeat until the boss is down. Buy FF14 gil cheapest from us and try these tactics now.

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