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STO - Task Force Operations

time 2019-04-17 14:58

STO players that want to take part in multiplayer activities are invited to check out the feature called Task Force Operations. Before Season 15, this feature was known as the PvE queue. Players can enter these activities from the queue menu. From here, they can sign up for a specific operation or for a random one. There are two categories of operations: fleet actions and events. Both of them can have ground and space missions. The minimum number of participating players is 5 and the maximum is 10. The rewards may vary based on the number of players.

Fleet actions do not require that all the players taking part in them to be in the same fleet. Actually, they don't even need to be in a fleet. Players get 480 dilithium for space actions and 640 for ground actions. Those who have the biggest contribution get extra items. The first player is rewarded with a very rare item. The second and third players get a rare item. The others obtain an uncommon item. All the items are randomly decided. There is also a special daily fleet action that also rewards marks. Events are multiplayer missions that have a difficulty option. There are three difficulty levels: normal, advanced, and elite. Players get rewards based on the difficulty option. Dilithium, fleet marks, and reputation marks are part of the reward. Featured task force operations are events that last for three weeks. These special operations feature old task force operations and new ones. Players get featured task force operation commendations as a reward. The first event of this type was introduced in November 2018 and it was called the Battle of the Binary Stars. When the featured event ends, players must wait for the next one to be able to complete it again.
Players can join public, private, and random operations. Public ones can be joined by anyone. The matchmaking system will find players. Private operations are started by a group of five players. Random operations give extra rewards. The reward box obtained when completing a random operation contains dilithium and marks. Meantime, we have arranged full stock of STO Credits purchase for you, join in now!

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