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FF14 – Saint Mocianne's Arboretum Hard Tactics

time 2019-05-05 16:45

Nullchu. The boss has a large frontal cone attack that can be avoided by the tank. A player will be targeted by an add that cannot be tanked. The player will leave a damage puddle on the ground. Players need to stack when one of them gets the stack up marker. When the boss casts Taproot, the marked players need to move away from the group. The boss will eat the add and place a ground AOE that covers almost the entire area. Players can avoid this by getting close to the boss when he starts casting Devour. 

Lakhamu. Players need to avoid the sides of the area. The healer should be ready for some AOE damage. The group has to watch out for Landslide that will push them in the direction indicated by the arrows. Adds will spawn around the area and cast column AOE. Players need to carefully position themselves to avoid taking too much damage during this phase. Earthquake is a double doughnut AOE. Players should first move away from the boss and then next to it. Players marked with Earth Shaker have to move away from each other. Make sure to turn away before the Empty Gaze cast ends. 
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Tokkapchi. Players will notice that the area has four green circle platforms. Quickmire is an AOE attack that will affect any player who is not standing on a platform. Quagmire spell will target players will AOE. Make sure not to drop the puddle on a platform and stay spread to avoid taking damage from the other affected player. Bog Bequest is a doughnut AOE that can be avoided. The boss will call an add that doesnt take damage when it is hit by a player, instead, it is pushed around. The add is empowered by the bosss AOE attacks. It will explode and deal damage based on how much AOE it absorbed. Players can knock it away from any AOE. There will be some other adds but they dont pose much threat or challenge.

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