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BnS – Scarlet Tears Update

time 2019-05-10 16:27

BnS is getting ready for yet another content addition. It is called Scarlet Tears and it caters to high level players. Those who are at least level 55 and have completed the Dying Breaths chapter from the Temple of Succession can delve further into this activity. The update will unlock the next two chapters. The story will conclude in these last chapters. Players will finally get to see what this is all about, provided they find a way to go past the Rubrim Shroud. 

If raiding is one of your favorite BnS activities, then you will be glad to know that a new raid dungeon is available. Players will unlock this raid by completing the last chapter in the Temple of Succession. The Scarlet Conservatory is a challenging raid and players are advised to be level 60 and also have 21 Hongmoon levels under their belt. Players will face against some powerful bosses in this raid. They are also invited to pay attention to the story as it is connected with the Temple of Succession. The Graft Titan is one of the bosses that must be defeated. He was a Stratus officer who had the misfortune to be captured by the Dowager. He was the subject of experiments that turned him into a monster but his mind is not completely lost. Players must defeat him so he can finally be at peace. Doctor Gyojak is another minion of Dowager. He is in charge of finding victims for the gruesome experiments. Players cannot let this monster go unpunished. The Scarlet Conservatory is a 12 player raid. 
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The Dragon's Bounty event is also available. Players have the chance to improve their accessories and get a ton of other amazing rewards. The cosmetic items available during this event include the costume and the weapon illusion that won the 2018 cosmetic design content. The event is not the only way to get these two cosmetics so players are not forced to take part in it. The Scarlet Tears update drops on May 15. 

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