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STO – Bridge Officers

time 2019-05-13 16:51

STO players are in charge of vessels and, as we all know, each vessel has a bridge where multiple officers, including the captain, are in charge of the ship's command. Bridge officers are the characters that are found on the bridge. For example, the navigator can be a bridge officer. STO players are captains that can be in charge of 54 bridge officers. Each officer comes with different abilities. Officers can even join the captain's party for ground combat activities. It's just like in the TV series. That's why STO is such a popular MMO among Star Trek fans. 

A bridge officer has certain attributes such as race, gender, and career path. All of these attributes influence the officer's play style. The race will determine some of the traits. Gender doesn't matter, except for members of the Orion race. The career path influences the officer's function on the bridge and the abilities it can use. There are three paths: engineering, science, and tactical. An officer also has four traits. The traits bring benefits for ground and space combat. Bridge officers also have ranks. The abilities of an officer depend on its rank. The game has a system that allows captains to train officers to gain more skills and gain STO gold or to learn certain specializations. 
Officers determine how a ship fares in space combat. The bridge has stations that can be occupied by officers if they fulfill the rank and career requirements. Captains can also use their officers for away teams. These are five members teams that consist of the captain and four officers. Players use these away teams to take part in ground missions in the PvE queue. There are other activities that restrict the size of the away team. Players get officers from the requisition officers NPCs. Special officers are acquired as premium features. Most of the officers can be renamed if the player wants that. The player can also customize their appearance using the tailor feature.

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