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GW2 – Specialization System

time 2019-05-22 15:12

GW2 is an MMORPG that gives players the chance to build custom characters through several systems. One of these systems is called specialization. A character can have three specializations. The specialization can be changed when the character is not in combat. A profession has five specializations. Elite specializations are available to those who have game expansions. A fully unlocked specialization will give a character major and minor traits. Players can choose three out of nine major traits. A specialization has three minor traits. Players can start to train specializations as soon as they hit level 21. 

The training menu is under the Hero panel. There are several tracks for a specialization. Players can see the track's traits when they select the track. Players will spend hero points to unlock the traits that allow them to learn a desired track. Traits are unlocked with hero points as well. It costs 60 hero points to unlock an entire specialization. Players don't need to wait until they fully unlock a specialization to use its traits. As soon as they can use a trait, they can go to the Build tab to assign the trait to a slot. Additional specialization slots become available when players hit level 45 and 71. The system allows level 80 players to unlock all skills and specializations. 
Players that are level 80 and have access to GW2 expansions can take character customization one step further, Buy Guide Wars 2 Gold for your character now if you have not reach lvl 80. Elite specializations modify the profession's play style. Players can learn how to use a new weapon, a different healing style, and various skills with elite specializations. An elite specialization does not replace the old specialization. All the associated skills will still be available. Elite specializations are trained and unlocked in the same way as core specializations. It costs 30 points to get the first trait. Players will need 250 hero points to fully unlock an elite specialization. The hero panel has a third slot with a golden frame. That's where elite specializations are equipped. Players must equip an elite specialization in order to gain access to unique weapons and skills.

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