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Elder Scroll Online – What We Can Learn From Progression Guilds

time 2019-06-02 14:54

The Community Spotlight is an Elder Scroll Online program that features anything and everything community related. One of the most recent episodes was about guilds that tackle one of the most challenging PvE aspects of the game: end-game raiding. These guilds focus on the latest trials. They try different strategies and practice multiple times in order to defeat the bosses. A few guild representatives from progression guilds were interviewed. Here are a couple of things that we can learn from them. 

There are no set rules when it comes to guild organization. There are guilds that are leader centered. Other guilds have a more classical structure with officers and ranks such as raiders, trials, and such. There are also guilds where everyone just gets along with no rules. So it seems that theres no winning formula. Each group functions by its own rules. You just have to find the one that works for you. The raid composition is crucial if you want to take down the hardest bosses. Skill is important but more important is teamwork and having the same goals. Players need to get along with each other. They also must be willing to commit to a schedule. Raiders must not just be good players but also be willing to improve and to learn from their mistakes. Good players are always up to date with the latest changes on their class and role. Communication while raiding is crucial but how do you keep it relevant? Its not uncommon for raiders to just start chatting. Some dont mind as it doesnt impact their performance but others get distracted. The golden rule is to speak only if you have relevant info about the fight. Call-outs are important to handle certain mechanics. Jokes and banter can wait.
Joining an end-game trial guild is not easy and leading one is even harder. Being in charge of a team of people can be stressful. Its not easy to coordinate when it comes to a raiding schedule. These guilds have requirements and you will most likely be tested in some trial runs. Buy Elder Scroll Online gold, keep practicing and you will eventually make it!

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