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BnS – Dragon's Bounty Event

time 2019-06-06 15:09

BnS players can win awesome rewards thanks to the Dragon's Bounty event. This is the perfect chance to get ready for the Scarlet Conservatory raid. The event has different activities. The first thing on the players' agenda is to obtain Polished Scale Fragments. These will be used as currency at the Dragon Express. There are three ways to get these fragments. They are obtained from daily challenges, as daily login rewards, and from doing the daily quest in the Tower of Memory. The items that are available at the Dragon Express include unique weapon illusions and the 2018 Cosmetic Design Contest costume. 

Those who complete the daily challenge obtain a Dragon's Bounty reward box and a dragon flame jewel. The box contains three guaranteed fragments, two fortune potions, and one lucky revitalizer. There are also items such as sacred vial that have a chance to drop from the box. Each day there will be two daily challenge dungeons available. The Tower of Memory is an activity in which players will have to defeat several bosses. The last one is Poharan. There are rewards to be obtained from the daily and dynamic quests. The rewards include three fragments, one dragon flame jewel, XP, and reputation. 
Polished Scales and Dragon Tokens can be bought from the Dragon Express in exchange for fragments. These will be used as Breakthrough materials when players upgrade accessories such as Inheritor's Ring, Horizon Belt, Skybreak Ring, and a few others. Players can also buy Hollow's Accessories if they have Naryu Silver. The dragon flame jewels are used to upgrade accessories such as Skybreak and Inheritor's Ring, King Gloves, and Fallen/Elevation Necklace. The Dragon Express sells jewels for two fragments if you want more than the three jewels that you get each day. Players enjoy some buffs while the event is active. The Extra Confidence buff gives 20% AP and 50% damage in Temple of Eluvium, Scion's Keep, and Skybreak Spires. This is also a good time for leveling and buy BnS gold as the Warrior's Odyssey buff gives 50% combat XP. The event ends June 19th but players have until July 24th to claim their rewards. 

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