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FF14 – Make it Rain Campaign Event

time 2019-06-18 10:01

Make it Rain Campaign is a FF14 event. Players must meet two requirements to take part in this event. They need to be level 15. They also need to have completed the envoy quest. If they meet these two requirements, they can head to the Steps of Nald in Uldah. They will meet a Lalafel that has a quest for them.

The Senor Sabotender emote can be earned during the event. This emote will allow players to look like a Cactuar for a while. The emote also comes with an MGP card. The event is a good time to take part in Gold Saucer activities. Players will win 50% more MGP from activities. If you have your eyes set on some items that are bought with MGP, theres no better time to get them then now. There are some housing items that are on discount during the campaign so dont postpone buying them. You never know if you get a second chance. Here are the items that are obtained cheaper than usual. The Crystal Tower Striker, the Monster Toss Machine, and the Cuff-a-Cur Machine cost 200,000 MGP each. These are the most expensive items. If you want to expand your wardrobe, you can do this during the event. Armor items like Bunny Tights, Riviera Dress, Gamblers Trousers, and more can also be acquired. 
Some of the items that are bought with MGP will be discontinued. If you want to acquire them this might be your last chance so dont miss it. The Tarnished weapons and armor and the GARO collaboration equipment will be discontinued. 
If you are new to the game and you dont know that the Gold Saucer is, this is a great opportunity to discover it. The starting quest is obtained from Uldah in the Steps of Nald. It is called It Could Happen to You. The Gold Saucer is an area where players can take part in all sorts of mini-games. The reward is a currency called MGP. They are used to unlock all sorts of items such as pets, armor, housing items, and more. Buy FF14 gil cheap from u7buy and join in Make it Rain! 

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