Elder Scroll Online – Elsweyr Travel Guide

time 2019-06-20 10:09

Elder Scroll Online latest expansion is called Elsweyr. The eponymous zone added with the expansion gives players the chance to discover the homeland of the Khajiit. This is for the first time in elder scrolls history when players can set foot in this zone. We have heard about it, we know its inhabitants, and know we can finally explore it. 

Most players think desert when they think of Elsweyr. This is not wrong but its incomplete. The truth is that the new zone also features lush jungles and grassy savannas, in addition to deserts. The developers and graphic artists did a tremendous amount of work when creating this zone. They practically had to imagine and create a whole new Tamriel province based on information and details from the previous games. They also used real-world continents such as Asia and Africa as a source of inspiration. The team put a lot of effort into creating the details. The rocks that adorn the terrain are created based on real geological aspects. The central gorge is the most notable feature of the new zone. There are many canyons and one of a kind locations to explore. There are also paths to make traversing the ravine easier which is buying Elder Scroll Online Gold cheap online. 
The expansion will develop players knowledge about the Khajiit race. They are not all thieves, merchants, or adventurers. Players will learn about their social structures and families. The new zone has three main areas. The main quest, side missions, and other activities will allow players to discover Riverhold, Rimmen, and Merryvale. Khajiit settlements have distinct architecture. This race is one of the oldest on Tamriel. There still are lots of buildings that feature the ancient architectural style but there are also newer constructions. Some buildings even mix the two styles. The Khajiit people have a rich culture developed over thousands of years. Elsweyr has lots to offer in terms of discovery and exploring but players shouldnt think this is just a field trip. The land is plagued by dragons and necromancers. Adventurers should get ready to uncover the plot and make order in these lands.

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