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FUT Mobile - Did You Play Treasure Hunt Sahara 2019?

time 2019-07-25 03:03

Treasure Hunt Sahara is a FUT Mobile seasonal event. It's similar in structure to the other events. Players will complete activities to get special event tokens that can be exchanged for rewards. When you open the event for the first time, a quick tutorial will tell you the basics.

The first thing you should know about this event is what types of tokens or collectible items are used. Exploration tickets, hidden artifacts, and journal pages are the collectible items available in this event. The exploration tickets are consumed to play challenge matches. You can unlock treasures with the journal pages. Hidden artifacts are also used to unlock rewards. The best rewards are acquired by those who collect glyph fragments. You will notice that the event has three chapters. The Sahara chapter allows you to get the aforementioned tokens. You can take part in all sorts of activities. You can play skill games, match play, and VSA games. Take notice that you need a team of at least 80 OVR for the last activity and your team's OVR cannot exceed 100. You can also watch ads for tokens. Additional rewards, such as FUT Mobile coins, can also be earned. Each activity costs stamina. 

The Treasure Map chapter allows you to exchange tokens for rewards. The rewards include player items, boosts, training XP, and coins. The Hidden Artifact chapter is where you get rewards for hidden artifacts that you've received in the previous two chapters. The rewards include 88+ OVR players, rank up tokens, boosts, and coins. If you need extra event tokens, make sure to check out the store. There's a Treasure Hunt Special section that has different packs and bundles. You need to buy one to unlock the next one. The first pack contains 10 journal pages, 10 exploration tickets, and 100 VIP points. It costs a bit over one euro. The price is shown in your local currency. The other packs are bought with VIP coins.

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