FUT Mobile – Retro Stars Event 2019

time 2019-08-08 09:00

Retro Stars is a FUT Mobile program that gives players a second chance at obtaining players from events from the past. It's a bit similar to the FUTTIES event from the main FUT game. Retro Stars features footballers prom past events. Players can obtain player item cards from Football Freeze, Boxing Day, Lunar New Year, Carniball, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter. The event is structured in three chapters. 

Home Base chapter allows players to get event tokens. These will be used to unlock other activities. Twice a day, players will obtain 14 dungeon keys. There's also a chance for a 1-up. These tokens are necessary for the next chapter. The 1-ups unlock bonus matches that reward dungeon keys. This chapter also contains a section called challenge mode. These are all sorts of goals to accomplish during the program. As you can imagine, each goal comes with a prize. 

The next chapter is called Retro Dungeons. There are six dungeons to complete. Players will need keys to unlock dungeon doors. The dungeon activities include skill games and matches. Players have three hearts at the beginning of the dungeon. If they don't complete an activity, they lose a heart. When all hearts are lost, the dungeon is locked. It can be unlocked with a 1-up. Alternatively, you can flee the dungeon. At the end of a dungeon, players will play against a certain team. Each dungeon is themed around one of the six featured events. There is the Lunar Land dungeon, Frozen Peak dungeon, and so on. The reward for completing a dungeon is a boss key and the chance to get a mini-boss player. 

The third and last chapter is called Boss Rush. This is the rewards chapter. Players can obtain player cards from this chapter. The rewards are unlocked with the boss keys obtained from the previous chapter. Players can spend boss keys on FUT Mobile coins, training XP, rank up items, boosts, and 98+ OVR players. Retro Stars program lasts for three weeks.

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