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FUT Mobile – Treasure Hunt Amazon

time 2019-08-09 09:00

The FUT Mobile Treasure Hunt event continues with the next phase. We've completed Treasure Jungle Sahara and now it's time to dive into Treasure Hunt Amazon. New challenges and new prizes await. The event is available from the Events screen. 

Treasure Hunt Amazon has four chapters. The first one is called Amazon. It gives players the chance to obtain event tokens such as excursion tickets, research notes, hidden rarity, and treasure stones. Excursion tickets are obtained from skill games, AI games, and VSA mode matches. If you want research notes, then you have to complete activities. Hidden rarity tokens are obtained from challenge nodes. You can use excursion tickets to unlock these challenge nodes. The relic fragments are acquired when playing the last challenge of the event. These fragments are used as a currency to get rewards. They are also used to gain access to the final reward in the chapter called Amazon. Treasure stones may drop from nodes. They are used to get access to treasures in the Temple chapter. 

The Temple chapter requires players to unlock rewards using treasure stones. Each plaque takes three stones to unlock. There are different stones and each plaque has a unique combination that unlocks it. The Treasure Map chapter uses research notes. Players spend notes to unlock chests that can contain coins, relics, fragments, hidden rarities, and the 100 OVR Ronaldinho player card. The Hidden Rarity chapter uses the tokens with the same name. The rewards unlocked here include 88+ OVR players, boosts, coins, XP, and more.

Don't forget that the FUT Mobile store also has some event related packs and bundles. The starting pack is purchased with real money. It costs approximately $1.5, the price is shown in your local currency. This pack contains 10 research notes, 30 excursion tickets, and 150 VIP points. The pack also unlock access to the next offer which unlocks access to the next one and so on. Starting with the second pack, the others cost FUT Mobile coins or points. The last pack costs 10,000 points. It contains a 92+ OVR player and one relic.

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