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FF14 – Akadaemia Anyder Boss Tactics

time 2019-08-12 08:51

These are some quick guidelines to defeat the three bosses in Akadaemia Anyder level 80 dungeon in FF14: Shadowbringers expansion.

Cladoselache. The tank and healer must watch out for Protolithic Puncture, an attack that does lots of damage to the tank. All players have to move away from Tidal Guillotine AOE around the boss. After a while, Cladoselache jumps into the water and players will deal with Doliodus instead. He has some AOE attacks that should be avoided. The bosses will switch again. Players that are targeted with the ice marker have to move away from the group. 

Marquis Morbol. Players that have the red arrow marker over their heads should be aware of where they position the AOE. Ideally, it should be placed away from the group and it should not overlap with the other one. Healers should be on the lookout for Arbor Storm, an AOE attack that cannot be avoided. The most important mechanic of this fight is the boss ability called Extensible Tendrils. This attack doesnt have a marker. When the boss lifts the tendrils, players must not stand directly under them as they will get hit by the tentacle slap. The best spot is in between them. After the tentacle ability, the boss will do a frontal attack that has no cast bar so tanks will have to be aware of their positioning. Make sure not to stand in the purple areas during the Blossom attack. 

Guardian Force Quetzalcoatl. Shockbolt is the tank hitting ability that can be mitigated with tank cooldowns. Healers need to be ready to heal everyone after a Thunderbolt attack. During Thunderstorm, players should avoid the blue circles and also make sure not to overlap if they have a marker over their heads. The blue circles leave orbs that give buffs when players run into them. Its a good idea to get as many as possible. At one point, the boss goes to the side of the area and knockbacks all players. There will also be some spheres on the ground that grow in size. You should immediately go towards the boss while avoiding the spheres. The ground is covered by an AOE attack and the safe zone is around the boss.

These are our tactics for Akadaemia Anyder Boss, stay tuned for more strategies of FF14. If you want more FF14 Gil, you can also easily buy at U7BUY. Shatter the boss to pieces now when you finished this article!

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