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What are the FUT 20 Future Stars?

time 2020-01-27 00:00

With the TOTY living their last hours in the envelopes, it's time to recover and start thinking about the future. This is how good FUT is. As much as you open 100 envelopes looking for that Van Dijk or that Messi and don't touch anything at all, you can always try to compensate yourself with the following promotion.

In this case it is Future Stars, a promotion that started last year and was very well received. Basically these are young players who are starting to emerge in the world of football and who point to cracks in a few years.

This team of revelation players are players who are beginning to make their way into football this season. With the future stars they seek to give an advance and show how far these young people can go if they take advantage of all their talent.

Normally there are 21 players chosen by EA Sports that are available for a week. The choice is based on emerging soccer players of 23 years or less who have shown great potential but have not yet established themselves as world stars.

The latter is important since names may appear in our head like Mbappé that will not be finally in these templates. This is mainly because these types of players are not promises, but stars already established in the teams.

Last year the event started on January 19, just after the TOTY. This means that in this edition we can wait for the presentation of the cards next Friday 17. We must also bear in mind that they delay it for a week in order to give people time to recover from the storm of the team of the year.

In addition to the players that will appear in envelopes, several challenges of creating very interesting templates and some other players in goals that are worth playing several matches with rare lineups are also expected.

So we will have even more cards for FUT 20? That sounds too good! We are very happy that we will have more content for this game. Remember that it has been almost 6 months since its launch and it is very gratifying to see how the content continues and continues.

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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien)

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