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FUT 20 – Future Stars Are Here

time 2020-02-03 22:26

FUT 20 Ultimate Team introduces a new collection of footballers. The name is Future Stars and it is themed around the young footballers that show the most potential. These are the newcomers that have the best ratings. This collection provides a good occasion to catch up with the world of football and find out who are the biggest prospects of this season. These players have the chance to become some of the world's best footballers. We couldn't be more excited to watch their development and see if they will fulfill their potential. In the meantime, Ultimate Team players can start integrating these footballers into their teams and see how they perform in the game.

Future Stars player item cards are unique FUT 20 cards. First of all, you will notice the distinct pink color. But the truly important thing about these players is that they can be upgraded. The upgrade process is something that is implemented in the game for the first time. Developers hope that you will like what they came up with. Keep in mind that feedback is always appreciated. There are many ways through which you can share your thoughts about the game with the people who've created it.

Some of the Future Stars footballers can be upgraded through dedicated objectives. The players that can be upgraded in this way will have associated objectives. There are four versions of a player that can be upgraded. The first version is acquired from packs. After you get the first version, you will unlock objectives that reflect the footballer's development on the real football field. Complete the objective and you will acquire better versions of the player. Future Stars is a recurring EA SPORTS FUT campaign. The players that are selected each year must be under 23 years old. They need to show potential but not yet be football superstars.

The idea is to capture the players' transformation into football legends. Of course, not all Future Stars will become great players. The interesting thing about this collection is also to see if they live up to their potential. You will also notice that these players have pretty high ratings. The rating doesn't reflect the current performance. It is an estimation and prediction of the maximum OVR these players could get if they live up to the expectations.

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(Contributed by Reda)

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