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Is Kubo Future Stars worth it?

time 2020-02-13 00:00

The Japanese Take kubo was one of the sensations of the preseason at Real Madrid, which made him win a hole as given in a top team like Mallorca. Many people want to see him play for the quality and projection ahead. That is why an SBC with its Future Stars card arrives at Ultimate Team. Let's see if it's really worth spending the coins on it. If this is the case, below you have a solution for your Template Creation Challenges. Remember that it will be available until February 11.

A priori it seems a very interesting letter with good stats. This is the case, but it is also necessary to highlight the occasional gap by which it does not become a top player. A great example of this is rhythm. 95 is great, but being so unbalanced forces us to put Falcon or Hunter if we also want to be fast in the counterattack. Its 99 acceleration is luxurious, it's perfect. But that the sprint stays at 89 will not allow us to use another style of chemistry such as Sniper or Shooter, since if we do it the card will feel slow when it runs many meters.
With his shot something similar happens. To be extreme, it has a very high finish (89) that also combines with a positioning of 86. Its shot power of 85 is also very correct, too bad the far shot drops to 72. Therefore it will be a very reliable card in the 1 vs 1, in the final meters, but we cannot expect to score goals from the front.
Dribbling, like its rhythm, is somewhat misleading. He has 91 as a general assessment, but his reaction is 71 and the composure of 74. This will make him not feel so agile and that he can lose the ball more easily than other extremes whose general dribbling stats exceed 90. On the pass there are also lights and shadows. His 92 short pass is wonderful, but the vision (83) is somewhat short at this point of play.
Finally, seeing his physique we know that he is a weak soccer player (barely 59 in strength) but tireless. His 95 stamina will allow us to use it constantly during the games without losing his performance too much. And this quality, especially at one extreme, is very valuable.

So… is it worth it?
Well, this Kubo is a very useful player, valid for a competitive team, but that could be much better if your stats were more balanced. Its performance would rise with a balanced pace, a decent long shot and some more reaction, composure and vision. Even so, despite its gaps, it is a letter to keep in mind.
Especially if you use a Santander League team but you still can't aspire to Messi, Dembélé UCL Live or Bale UCL Live. The Japanese cover a clear lack of this competition, since there was an intermediate step between the very cheap Dembélé of 84 and the cards that touch the million.
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