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Elder Scroll Online – Harrowstorm Characters

time 2020-03-06 00:00

The new Elder Scroll Online DLC Harrowstorm may be a dungeon DLC but there is plenty of story to satisfy the lore fans as well. We will meet some new characters in this DLC. Some are good, some are bent on destroying Tamriel. Lets first take a look at one character from the second category. Her name is Mother Ciannit and she is the leader of the Icereach Coven.

What we know about her is from the report of  Optio Cornelia Midara, the Second Legion High Command. Its a report for the Legate informing about the situation in the Jerall Mountains.  Midara tells that the pursuit of the Icereach Coven was not successful. The legionaries have stopped at the Jerall crossing. The report also advises that its best to put some distance between the troops and the coven. The first contact with the coven was not much. The soldiers pushed them back to Falkreath and they were expecting to quickly finish the job. But the coven used necromancy and resurrected many fallen Nords. Mother Ciannits chants frightened the legionaries who fled the battlefield. She wore a wicker mask and seemed to have fire and lighting under her control. The Imperial believes that they should not mettle anymore and leave the Nords to deal with the coven and their terrible leader. As you can imagine, you and your friends will need to take up arms and stop the coven.

Shelaria is another character that will make an appearance in Harrowstorm DLC. However, she is not an evil character. She is a member of the Pyre Watch, the guardians of the Unhallowed Grave. Keroufeh, another guardian and a good friend of Shelaria, writes about her in the journal. The guardians are sworn to secrecy. No one knows about the secrets of the Unhallowed Grave. In fact, very few know about this place. Thats how it has been for hundreds of years. The master guardian forbids everyone from adventuring too far.

But Shelaria believes that a patrol is necessary in order to determine if a threat is coming or not. So she convinces Keroufeh to join her on a patrol into the forbidden zone. There were no threats to be found but the two were severely punished for breaking the rules. However, Shelaria is not entirely wrong. Something is about to happen and she will not be able to protect the secrets alone. The adventurers are required to lend a helping hand.

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(Contributed by Reda)

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