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The Three Most Used Latino Players in FUT 20

time 2020-04-12 00:00

The three most used Latino players in FUT 20 have a particularity, and that is that they are all Brazilian. This ranking is based on the UT game mode. This is, without a doubt, the most played online mode, and surely considering offline ones, too. In the squad with which you play the matches, you should try to reach 100 in chemistry, so that the players better understand each other on the field. The chemistry is formed by bringing together players from the same league, the same club or the same nationality.

1. Fabinho (Normal Version)
The Liverpool player has been a guarantee in the position of defensive midfielder for years, but since he is the last champion of the Champions League, it is easier to associate him with the best players in the Premier League or in Brazil to form the chemistry that before we mentioned. With the Red Midfielder, FUT users have played nearly 9 million games, and he is the eighth most used footballer in the game. Its price is around 10,000 coins on PS4 and XBOX and its overall rating is 85, with defense and physique being its best attributes.

2. Neymar (Normal Version)
Even though his rating is not the highest of the game's unique gold cards (it's that of another Latino), the Brazilian star of PSG is considered by many to be the best non-special card in the game. Its average is 92, but the fact of having 5 filigree stars and 5 bad leg stars gives the user an infinite number of dribbles and the possibility of shooting with both legs. Not everyone can access Neymar, but the truth is that if you regularly play FUT, you have enough coins to buy it, since it costs more than 600 thousand coins on PS4 and more than 400 thousand on XBOX. He has almost half a million fewer games played than Fabinho.

3. Bernard (Scream Version)
Although his normal card has a score of 80, this letter from Bernard is from one of the many special events EA brings out, in this case, about Halloween. He is a very fast player, with a good shot and 4 stars, both skillful movements and weak footing. It could be said that it is the cheap alternative of Neymar, having a market value of approximately 50 thousand coins on both platforms. More than 7 million games have been used this version of the Everton player, averaging one goal every three games.

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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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