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These are the best defenses in FUT 20

time 2020-04-20 02:51

At this time, other years, all sporting activity would be at the peak of the season, with professionals optimally at one point and competing for tournaments where they still had mathematical options to conquer. Football, for example, hit would be in the final phase of all European leagues, with more than one leader suffering to maintain his advantage and great struggles at the bottom of the tables and frantic struggles for promotions. In addition, the Champions League would also be at a decisive point, of no return for many clubs that would be playing to advance in the box towards the dream European final. 
But none of that is happening, the state of alarm and confinement to which they are has subdued the entire world in the fight against COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of almost all sporting, soccer and even esports events.
The FUT 20 competition, also affected The company EA Sports decided to join the indefinite postponement of its professional competitions in order to maintain the good health of the participants and promote commitment in defeating this pandemic. Most of the FUT finals take place in massive face-to-face events so, being aware that they would have to do without such appointments, they have decided not to carry out any type of official competition with professionals of the title. Other esports, such as League of Legends, have held championships and finals (such as that of the Orange Super League) online, but the Electronic Arts company has preferred to postpone until the situation improves.
FUT 20, a great ally of people in confinement As the official competition has stopped, numerous content creators continue to "give" to FUT so that all fans can entertain themselves. In fact, even amateur tournaments starring soccer players, celebrities, influencers and streamers have been created that have raised funds to fight the coronavirus. An example were the charity tournament organized by Toni Emcee with Mambo FC and the LaLiga Santander Challenge tournament with Ibai.

What are the most useful defenses to stop fast forwards? 
Virgil Van Dijk: the Dutch central defender, in his version "Normal", has a Physical of 86 and a Rhythm of 77 (high enough to be a central defender). 
Alex Sandro: 83 of Rhythm and 82 of Physical endorse Juve's left-back as a good rival anti-speed defense.
Raphael Varane: the Madrid central has 83 Rhythm and 80 Physical, more than enough to fight with the Mbappé, CR7 and company.
Kostas Manolas: the Greek central is a sure value in the defense of your team. With 82 Rhythm and 81 Physical he will be able to withstand the onslaught of the fast strikers.
Kyle Walker: quite a nuisance when you find him central in the rival team. Despite his short stature, he has 81 Physical and 91 Rhythm, which makes it almost impossible to surpass him with almost no striker in a simple way.
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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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