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Lisa Manley in FUT 20

time 2020-04-22 00:00

In the competitive landscape of esports there are more and more names of women that resonate strongly, even in FUT. The EA Sports video game has many followers, something that, as in soccer in general, dislodges some followers. And it squares even more if those players start to stand out above all others, regardless of gender. 
We are talking about the case of Lisa Manley, a young English woman who, at the age of 20, has qualified to play in the 2020 ePremier League. The example of LisaLisa comes from a country where, like ours, there is a huge soccer tradition. An injury forced her to leave the field to go to the controls of her console, a transition that seems to have suited her very well. 
Lisa has played for AFC Wimbledon and is currently a midfielder at Fulham, in addition to belonging to Kingston College Academy (also known as Alex Scott Academy), the UK's first women's soccer academy. Now more focused on kicking the ball virtually; He is part of No Fuch Given, the team owned by Christian Fulch, a Leicester City player. With her signing by the club, Lisa Manley became the first FUT professional player in the world. 
On Lisa´s words:
“When I joined the club, I had 14 of 30 Weekend League victories, which was clearly slightly below average, but since I joined I have reached 24 victories, which is a huge advance. This can only happen with the help of No Fuchs Given, playing with the other teammates and listening to their advice on what I do well and badly.”
At first, Lisa was widely criticized by fans of the club and the competitive landscape in general, but as she has been moving forward and proving her worth, things seem to have calmed down. It is clear that there is still a lot of "hate" towards female players in the community, but it seems that everyone is doing their part to stop this from happening.
What do you think? 
There are no limitations, FUT 20 proudly has one of the greatest fan base in the history. Nevertheless, let´s remember another great games with huge women players, like Rocket League, Dragon Ball Fighterz, and of course, Overwatch… thousands of girls play that game and they can beat whoever they want.
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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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