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The best 5 players you can buy in FUT for less than 25,000 coins

time 2020-05-23 00:00

Although at this stage of the game, the Ultimate Team mode of FUT 20 is already very advanced and it is very difficult to find teams that do not have players, there will be those who do not have too many coins and do not know who to sign or which team to form with so little money.
After researching the market in Futbin and with a fixed maximum budget of 25,000 coins, an amount that can be saved in a couple of weeks with participations in Division Rivals and Squad Battles, without having to play in FutChampions, this is the best team you can form , with a maximum chemistry of 100 and with all the players at the top, thinking of having a balanced team both above and below.
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- Ferland Mendy, 80 points average: 3,700 coins
There may not be a player with such a low average and he is as profitable as Mendy in this FUT 20. Still today, you see him in FutChampions and he is capable of stopping fast extremes like Sterling, Mbappé, Mahrez, Rashford, etc. . With Anchor chemistry, you will also gain strength. Indispensable. Before it was over 30,000 coins and the current price is a bargain.

- Nelson Semedo, 82 points average: 4,200 coins
Similar case to Mendy's. This side has been hitting hard since the beginning of the game and with a Sentinel chemistry style, without having colors like the rest of the current players in the market, he is a sure back, fast and with good defensive capabilities.

- Nabil Fekir, 84 points average: 6,500 coins
For the midfield we have opted for one of the great surprises of this year. Fekir is incisor up, quick on his feet, very agile, and with a tremendous shot. For this lineup we have put him as MC but do not hesitate to change the strategy and put him close to the area. As MCO it exploits all its resources and has a very good pass too.

- Moussa Sissoko, 81 points average: 1,200 coins
The anchor of the game. If in other years Kanté was the great DCM of the game, in this FUT 20 that is none other than Sissoko. I still ran into one like him at FutChampions and he kept holding me back. It is necessary to put a Shadow style, yes, if not, it will be too slow.

- Channels, 84 average points: 5,500 coins
Within this team that we have formed, to have the maximum chemistry we need someone to give a green link to Fekir and the best in the position can be none other than Canales. The Spanish has good driving and vision of the game and meets back. It loses a little in rhythm and shooting, but for that we have the Hunter chemistry.

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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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