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Again,the New FUT Will be the Most Authentic Ever

time 2020-07-14 00:00

Why FUT 21 NEEDS to be Better

Every year we expect a better game, every year we look for a better FUT game for us to play with the best FUT players in the world. It is always a pleasure to see the next gen graphics and being able to play against our friends or at the weekend leagues in enhanced arenas and with lifelike players.

I need to say, with the COVID-19 pandemic I got a little worried, would the new FUT 21 be delayed because of it? I mean, is it possible that this tragedy would also affect the launch of the new FUT?

Confirms FUT 21 is Still on Schedule

For our relief, confirmed that the new FUT is still on track, looks like our October will be brighter with the new game, graphics and “I don’t know what else I can expect” new features. Every year says that the new FUT will be the most authentic ever, and we don’t expect less – and don’t deserve less, if you don’t mind me saying.
You can take a look at the FUT 21 trailer here, this thing looks beautiful.
Some would say that the statement is pretty obvious, of course it should be the most authentic ever, why the hell would we buy a game that is worse than last year’s? Oh, I guess The Last of Us 2 is an incident, I mean, a tragedy being sugar-coated. But it’s another story unrelated to FUT (let’s at least have some faith).

And it is even better when you take a look on how much we spend at the experience, we, as FUT Gamers, need something that takes us to the next level of the real football experience. This is true every single year.

More of the Same or a New FUT Game?

That being said, I will express my opinion about this one more time. I really don’t need much, FUT is great at the current stage and all I am looking for are better visuals and a feeling that can bring be even closer to the real thing. 
The competitive scenario is growing better and better every year, and being able to get the FUT players I want to handle some tough squads has never been easier – even if I don’t have the time to look for packs like a madman, I can still check the U7BUY stock and get that striker I am looking for to fit my perfect attack. As I said, it’s a beautiful time for Football fans and gamers that love the competitive world.
So what else can we expect? Maybe some new VOLTA features, or more opportunities at the competitive level to bring us to professional competitions? I don’t know, the only thing I know for sure is that the new FUT is going to be the best one yet.

(Contributed by Henrique Abreu; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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