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FUT 21 On Nintendo Switch: Legacy Edition Again!

time 2020-08-11 00:00

FUT 21 is coming to Nintendo Switch. When we learned a few years ago that FUT will be available for Nintendo Switch as well, we were happy with the news but things turned out to be not as expected. The gameplay is incomplete, features are missing from the game. claims that the Nintendo Switch cannot handle the game so they have no other way than to cut loose some features.
Players weren't happy when announced that FUT 20 on Nintendo Switch was going to be a legacy edition that didn't feature the latest changes and additions, including the new Volta game mode. This year is the same. FUT 21 on Nintendo Switch continues in the footsteps of the current game. The 2020 installment will also be a legacy edition. What does this mean?
Let's start with the positive things. The new game will have the latest kits. The squads will also receive updates to stay in line with the season that is just about to start. We will also have an updated presentation. This means that the in-game menus are getting a new look. The broadcast overlays are getting reworked as well. clearly states that the legacy edition does not include “new game modes or gameplay innovations”. So, we are not getting Volta mode or any other modes that came with FUT 20.
Long story short, we are getting FUT 19 with updated squads and some visuals. At this point, you are probably thinking that the game will be cheaper for this platform as it doesn't have all the features. The price seems to be $10 less. Everyone agrees that it should be even cheaper considering that it's basically a two years old game. Some believe that should just stop releasing these legacy editions as they are nothing but a way to make money with minimum effort.
The Nintendo Switch gameplay includes career mode, tournaments, UEFA Champions League, kick off mode, skill games, online seasons, UT, local seasons, online friendlies, and Women's International Cup. It's too bad that Nintendo Switch players cannot experience some of the latest additions such as Conmebol or Volta.
The majority agrees that this version is not worth the money. The only good thing about FUT 21 on Nintendo Switch is that you can play in handheld mode. If you know someone who is thinking about buying FUT 21 for this platform, be a good friend, and tell them that it's a legacy edition.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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