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FUT 21: Gundogan FUT 21 POTM SBC

time 2021-02-27 00:00

Ilkay Gundogan is a German football player who currently plays as a midfielder for Manchester City and Germany national football team. During his career, Gundogan has mainly played for German clubs like VfL Bochum II, FC Nürnberg and Borussia Dortmund, before signing for Manchester City in 2016. Gundogan is a well-rounded midfielder, able to adapt to different situations. His passing skills as well as his defensive talents allow him to be very versatile and serve his teammates according to their needs. He seems to have reached a peak in his career in Manchester City where he creates numerous goal opportunities for the team.
Gundogan was without any doubt the best midfielder in the Premier League during the month of January. He was able to score many goals an offer goal opportunities to his fellow players. Gundogan’s POTM card comes with an 86 overall rating with 71 to pacing, 87 to dribbling, 80 to shooting, 75 to defense, 87 to passing and 75 to physical. As you can see, this card reflects Gundogan’s style of play; his offensive prowess is coupled with above average defensive skills, which makes him a nice addition to a team. The requirements for this SBC is as follow:
Players from Manchester City: Min 1
In-form players: Min 1
Squad Rating: Min 83
Team Chemistry: Min 80
Number of players in squad: Min 11
This SBC costs between 40.000 and 55.000 FUT coins and completing it will reward you with Gundogan’s POTM card as well as various player packs that give you a chance to unlock additional good players. Gundogan is relatively cheap especially compared to his predecessor Bruno Fernandez.
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