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How good is Alejandro Gómez What if?

time 2021-03-07 00:00

lejandro Gómez has been another of the What If cards that have been added to FUT Ultimate Team in this last batch. This card can further improve its attributes if its team, Sevilla FC, meets certain conditions to do so.
Like Wendell What If card, this card has enormous potential that we have already tested and we will proceed to show you our review. Shoud you add it to your team or is it just a waste of time? We tell you now.
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Alejandro Gómez is a very good striker, despite his shortcomings.
This version of Alejandro Gómez considerably improves his physique. He now has 88 stamina points and will be able to perform at the same level throughout the game.
However, he just has 53 strength points. This makes him quite a weak player and easy to push off and throw off balance for defenders.
In addition, Gómez is only 1.67 meters tall. Any mid-height defender will be able to take the ball from him using his physique with relative ease, so try to keep this player away from all contact in order to take advantage of his best virtues.
This is possible thanks to its excellent dribbling attributes that allow it to change direction or turn at any time. This also allows Gomez to create his own scoring chances in the area without having to pass the ball to his teammates.
However, this card only has 4 skill stars, but this will be enough to get rid of many rivals if you know how to take advantage of it in the right way.
Despite having a very good speed with 98 acceleration points and 90 sprint points, Gómez cannot take advantage of these excellent attributes due to his physical weakness, since any first level defender will be able to retrieve the ball of him in long runs for this problem.
That weakness, combined with his four skill stars, causes that Alejandro Gómez What If cannot enter the select group of best players in FUT Ultimate Team. This card has many shortcomings if we compare it with any that belongs to TOTY.
Papu Gómez What If is a devastating player inside the area if he has the ball dominated. His 86 shooting points will allow him to score many goals from anywhere, although his shots with his left leg will not be as good as those he takes with his right leg.
This card is not out of tune in teams of the highest level but it cannot be taken as an essential player for this type of maximum demand teams. Gomez What If can be used as a substitute to have the ball in the case of wanting to preserve a victory with a game of possession and short passes.
However, if you have a mid-level team and you have the opportunity to acquire it, we recommend you to do so because wingers of these characteristics are not abundant in FUT.

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