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FUT 21: Flashback Chicharito

time 2021-04-02 00:00

The Mexican Chicharito was once compared to the likes of Michael Owen, with both of them sharing similar footballing traits as well as playing for the same two elite clubs in Europe – Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Now playing for LA Galaxy in the United States, he may have lost his pace and agility due to injuries and age, but his finishing prowess is still respectable even amongst his international colleagues.

Recently, Javier Hernandez was revealed to be the latest Flashback Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) player card included in this month’s FUT 21 game mode.

What are so special about his latest player card, you might ask?

Putting his Gold Rare player card (OVR 78) as the benchmark for this comparison, here are some of his best attributes:

Overall: 89 (+11)
Pace: 88 (+18)
Dribbling: 89 (+13)
Shooting: 89 (+12)

In order for you to obtain this exclusive card, you will need to complete two SBC teams as below:

1.Rising Star SBC
Minimum Squad Rating: OVR 80
Minimum Team Chemistry: OVR 80
Minimum Mexican player: 1
2.League Finesse
Minimum Squad Rating: OVR 83
Minimum Team Chemistry: OVR 75
Minimum In-Form (IF) Player Card: 1
Minimum Bundesliga Player: 1

If you’ve missed his unique flair, deft touches and clever positional plays on the pitch, now’s the time to start completing those SBCs before the card vanishes on 30th March 2021.

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