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FUT 21:Marco Asensio’s 88 Rated Player Card

time 2021-04-18 00:00

In FUT 21, Real Madrid is already known to be a ‘farming’ club for FUT players to buy awesome player cards in the game.


Now, another upgraded player card has entered the fray – Marco Asensio’s La Liga League Player FUT card!


Sporting improved stats for his major attributes, you can find this new player card with these amazing boosts:


· Dribbling: 91 (+8)

· Pace: 89 (+10)

· Shooting: 88 (+8)

· Passing: 87 (+6)


So how do you obtain this unique Real Madrid player’s card in the game?


You will need to complete these challenges under Live FUT Friendly: Managerial Masterpiece mode:


· La Liga Wins

Win fifteen (15) matches using La Liga players only in the starting eleven


· Scoring Prowess

Score thirty (30) goals using La Liga players


· Assist Kings

Assist twenty (20) goals using La Liga players


· La Liga Range

Score an Outside of the Box goal using La Liga players in four (4) separate matches


· Feeling Touch

Score a Finesse goal using La Liga players in six (6) separate matches


This opportunity will expire on the 7th May 2021, so you will need to complete these objectives before then.


If you think you’ve got what it takes to recruit the best version of Marco Asensio in the game, then start completing these challenges pronto!


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