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FUT 21 – Leonardo Bonucci’s Latest Card Upgrade

time 2021-07-27 00:00

Finally, after numerous turmoil and tribulations, Italy has managed to subvert expectations by becoming eventual champions of EURO 2020.


With that, FUT 21’s Festival of FUTball (FOF) has also come to an end too, with FUTTIES replacing it as the new in-game promo event.


Still, following the release of the final FOF ‘Summer Stars’ player packs, one notable player to have received a magnificent player card upgrade is none other than Italy’s very own centre-back leader, Leonardo Bonucci!


Boasting improved overall stats, his new traits can be seen below:


Leonardo Bonucci’s FOF ‘Summer Stars’ Player Card: OVR 96


· Defending: 96 (+9)

· Physical: 93 (+16)

· Pace: 88 (+28)

· Dribbling: 88 (+17)

· Passing: 85 (+16)

· Shooting: 72 (+14)


Bonucci is certainly no pushover at the back, with his extraordinary physicality and defending prowess being supplemented by unbelievable pace too!


There are only two (2) Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs) that you will need to complete in order to recruit Bonucci today:


· SERIE A (Reward: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack)

Minimum number of Players from Serie A: 1

Minimum Squad Rating: 84

Minimum Team Chemistry: 75

Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11


· NATIONAL DUTY (Reward: Premium Electrum Players Pack)

Minimum number of Players from Italy: 1

Minimum Squad Rating: 82

Minimum Team Chemistry: 80

Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11


The deadline for his latest player card is set on 21st July 2021 (Wednesday), so you will need to be quick about completing his SBCs as soon as possible.


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