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FUT 21: TOTS Moments Lanzini

time 2021-08-04 00:00

This TOTS Moments is a tribute to Manuel Lanzini’s equalizer against Tottenham Hotspurs and comes with a list of five objectives that will let you unlock an upgraded version of the player. Manuel Lanzini is a midfielder from Argentine who is currently playing for West Ham United in the English Premier League. He started his career in River Plate in Argentine and spent two years in Al Jazira Club before his transfer to West Ham. Lanzini is a player with excellent technical skills that allow him to score goals as well as creating goal opportunities for his teammates.

His TOTS card has an overall rating of 93 with 93 points in pace, dribbling and shooting, 92 in passing and 83 in physicality. His only weak point is his defense, which is not really a problem for an offensive midfielder. Additionally, he has 4 stars in skills and 4 stars for his weak foot. Completing the objectives for this card will allow you to get the players without spending a single FUT coin. There are five objectives to complete, and they are listed bellow:

Stoppage Time Screamer!

Score 3 Outside the Box goals using players with 4* Skill Moves in the Live FUT Friendly: World Beaters

Reward: GOLD PACK (Untradeable) + 300 XP

Assist from Argentina

Assist 4 goals using Argentinian players in the Live FUT Friendly: World Beaters

Reward: SMALL ELECTRUM PLAYERS PACK (Untradeable) + 300 XP

Twenty is Plenty

Score 20 goals in the Live FUT Friendly: World Beaters

Reward: 75+ RATED RARE PLAYER (Untradeable) + 300 XP

Successful in 6

Win 6 matches in the Live FUT Friendly: World Beaters

Reward: PREMIUM GOLD PACK (Untradeable) + 300 XP

Premier Prowess

Score using Premier League players in 13 separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: World Beaters

Reward: ELECTRUM PLAYERS PACK (Untradeable) + 300 XP

As you can see, these objectives are not particularly unsurmountable and getting this card is mostly a question of will.

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