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FUT 21 Inter’s Andrea Pinamonti Beast Card

time 2021-08-09 00:00

FUT 21’s ongoing FUTTIES promo campaign is certainly lighting up what could potentially be the last season for Ultimate Team (UT), with many new player cards now entering the game before the eventually release of FUT 22 later next month.


With fans putting in their votes for the previous FUTTIES nomination, the latest player card to join in on the action is none other than Inter Milan’s highly-rated young prodigy, Andrea Pinamonti!


The developing Italian striker is only 22-years old, yet he possesses some innate predatory talents which is sure to grow even further as the years go by.


With his newest upgraded player card now in the game, here is how Pinamonti looks like in FUT 21:


Andrea Pinamonti’s ‘FUTTIES Winner’ Player Card: OVR 95


· Shooting: 96 (+26)

· Pace: 95 (+33)

· Dribbling: 91 (+24)

· Passing: 90 (+45)

· Physical: 85 (+23)

· Defending: 30 (+8)


Pinamonti’s new-and-improved form makes him amongst the deadliest of strikers in the game now, besides his blistering pace becoming his other primary asset too.


If you wish to recruit Pinamonti into your UT, you will need to complete these Squad Objectives accordingly:


· INSTINCTIVE INTER (Reward: Gold Pack)

Score using Italian players in nine (9) separate Squad Battles on Professional difficulty or higher (or Rivals).


· BUILD-UP PLAY (Reward: 75+ Rated Rare Player Pack)

Assist five (5) goals using Through Balls in Squad Battles on World Class difficulty or higher (or Rivals).


· ITALIAN RENAISSANCE (Reward: Premium Gold Pack)

Win six (6) matches with at least five (5) Italian players as the starting eleven in Squad Battles on World Class difficulty or higher (or Rivals).


· SERIE A FINISHERS (Reward: Electrum Players Pack)

Score ten (10) goals using Serie A players in Squad Battles on World Class difficulty or higher (or Rivals).


Pinamonti could definitely be your main striker on the field too, if you wish to overload the midfield with tremendous passers and forward wingers as well.


Pinamonti’s Squad Objectives will expire on 13th August 2021 (Friday), so be sure to complete all of them by then.


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