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FUT 21 – Arsenal’s Martinelli ‘Silver Stars’

time 2021-08-19 00:00

Today, you can find out about a new player card upgrade which looks to improve Arsenal’s prospering attacking line-up in the English Premier League – young Brazilian forward, Gabriel Martinelli!




Arsenal is no doubt one of the most famous football clubs in the English Premier League.


Once feared as ‘The Invincibles’, the club has now been overshadowed by other rival teams such as Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea which have consistently beaten The Gunners to the UEFA Champions League spot time and again.


However, not all is lost for Arsenal, as is shown in FUT 21.


Recently, a new player card boost has just been introduced into the game which depicts the potential of one of the club’s most prized assets – 20-year old forward, Gabriel Martinelli!


Martinelli does possess such innate abilities which constantly make him comparable to previous Arsenal greats like Thierry Henry and Robert Pires.


Here is how Martinelli’s new card rates now:


(LW) Gabriel Martinelli’s FUTTIES ‘Silver Stars’ Player Card: OVR 74


· Pace: 94 (+8)

· Shooting: 90 (+21)

· Dribbling: 88 (+12)

· Passing: 86 (+24)

· Physicality: 79 (+12)

· Defending: 50 (+6)


With such astounding Pace and Shooting capabilities, Martinelli is able to cut through defensive lines with ease before slotting home the goal.


If you wish to recruit Martinelli into your Ultimate Team (UT) squad today, here are the three (3) Squad Objectives that you will need to complete first:


· WIN 3

Win three (3) matches in Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.



Score eight (8) goals in Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.



Assist six (6) goals in Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.


Martinelli’s Squad Objectives will expire on  18th August 2021 (Wednesday), so you will need to act fast in order to redeem him before the deadline .


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