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FIFA 22: How the FUT Numbers Up promotion works

time 2021-11-23 00:00

Obviously you may need some FUT 22 Coins to be able to acquire these formidable players, so don't forget to purchase your FUT Coins safely at U7buy. The new campaign is called Numbers Up and it revolves around football players and their kicks. The campaign is slightly different to some of the other campaigns in FIFA 22, but it does include two components: the new cards and the upgrades that are about to happen. Here's how the promotion works.


This campaign is a cross-promotion with Adidas, and it's all about the kicks. For this promotion, EA Sports will be releasing limited time cards of selected footballers wearing Adidas shoes on the field. These cards are eligible for future upgrades throughout the year. Numbers Up players will have one attribute gradually upgraded to 99. Other attributes will also be upgraded, albeit to a lesser extent.


The promotion involves three boots, all from Adidas: X, Predator and Copa. The bonuses for the three boots are as follows.


X - Pace

Predator - dribbling (outfielders)/handling (netminders)

Cup - Passing

Examples of players include


Adidas X.


Diogo Jota

Gio Reina

John Felix

Moussa Dembele

Sergio Reguilon

Adidas Marauders


Ed Militao

Florian Newhouse

Marc-André ter Stegen

Adidas Cup


Amadou Diawara

Mats Hummels

Declan Rice

On top of the initial stats upgrade, the Numbers Up project will receive two additional boosts. One will come at the end of December. The second upgrade will take place in 2022, but as of 12 November the date for each EA has not yet been set.

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