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The FUT 22 Adidas Numbersup Program Has Started

time 2021-11-25 00:00

Buy FUT 22 coins on U7buy at the best prices! FUT 22 players are invited to partake in the Adidas Numbersup program. It's a FUT 22 campaign that allows participants to upgrade one attribute to the max level. The program happens throughout the season. The attribute corresponds to the Adidas boot that the player is wearing. If you need FUT 22 coins, all you need to do is to visit U7buy!


How the FUT 22 Adidas Numbersup Program Works

The program features a selection of 11 players. They are represented as FUT 22 cards. Each player has an associated type of Adidas footwear. It's the same boot that the player wears when playing matches on the real field. Let's see how players can get their stats upgraded. The upgrades will happen on four occasions during the season. This means that the FUT 22 Adidas Numbersup program lasts for longer than other FUT 22 campaigns. The players from the Numbersup selection get 99 in pace, passing, pace, or dribbling/handling when the season ends. The other stats get boosts as well, but they won't be that significant. There will be four upgrades happening throughout the football season. The first upgrade takes place when the program begins on November 12th. The second one will arrive at the end of 2021. The last two upgrades will take place in 2022. The time is not yet specified, but the date will be announced in advance. Unlike FUT 22 events that are based on the real-world performances of the players, the Adidas Numbersup is not. This means that the players get upgrades even if they don't take part in a game or suffer an injury. The upgrade refers to one stat only. The players are not guaranteed to reach 99 OVR by the end of the program. Their OVR might improve as a result of the stat increase. The Adidas Numbersup players are Adidas partners. It's possible that they will switch to another brand throughout the season. This won't have any impact on the upgrade. Let's take a look at the players and the boost they are wearing. The Adidas X boots represent the pace attribute. Players using this boot are Jota, Reyna, Felix, Dembele, and Reguilon. The Adidas Predator boot is for players with dribbling and handling. They are Militao, Neuhaus, and ter Stegen. The passing stat corresponds to the Adidas Copa boots. Diawara, Rice, and Hummels are wearing this type of Adidas boots.

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