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FUT 22 - La Liga's January 'Player of the Month', Angel Correa!

time 2022-02-15 15:56

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‘Player of the Month’ (POTM) accolades are a common practice that runs every month, and in La Liga, one particular player has been wowing fans and critics alike with his performances on the pitch, namely Angel Correa from Atletico Madrid!

Atletico Madrid’s season has been quite a mixed bag so far.


Sitting at fifth (5th) place in La Liga, they are still in it with a fight in the UEFA Champions League though, but some might wonder whether their season is already over at this point.


However, the club’s players are not losing faith, and the latest POTM award for their gifted striker, Angel Correa, proves this!


The 26-year old Argentine has been in spectacular form throughout last month, in FUT 22, he has just received a glorious player card upgrade to celebrate his achievement as well:


(ST) Angel Correa’s ‘Player of the Month’ Player Card: OVR 87


· Dribbling: 91 (+4)

· Pace: 89 (+4)

· Shooting: 88 (+5)

· Passing: 84 (+6)

· Physicality: 78 (+4)

· Defending: 53 (+4)


Correa is a supreme controller of the ball, and whenever he is given a chance to sprint towards goal, you can bet that he would be able to score a goal without hesitation.


Surprisingly, for such a great player card, you are only required to complete one (1) Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) only, but nobody is complaining, though:



o Minimum number of Players from La Liga: 1

o Minimum number of In-Form (IF) Players: 1

o Minimum Squad Rating: 85

o Minimum Team Chemistry: 80

o Minimum number of Players in the Squad: 11


There is still plenty of time for you to nab this wonderful player card into your Ultimate Team (UT) squad because his SBC will only expire on 3rd March 2022 (Thursday).


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