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FUT 22 - Bundesliga's Top January Player, Thomas Muller!

time 2022-03-02 13:56

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As we get closer to the end of February, a new ‘Player of the Month’ (POTM) Player Card has just been announced for Bayern Munich’s loyal forward, Thomas Muller, who has been wowing fans all over the world throughout January last month!

It is already a known fact that Bayern Munich continues to be ranked amongst the best football teams in the entire world!

Culpable to that is obviously due to the club’s massive array of talents that are just waiting to be unleased on the pitch.

One such player – who started his way from Bayern’s academy all the way to the first team right now – is Thomas Muller who had just been awarded FUT 22’s brand new POTM Player Card right now!

Muller’s new and improved player card boasts outstanding stats such as:

(CAM) Thomas Muller’s ‘Player of the Month’ Player Card: OVR 91

Shooting: 88 (+4)
Dribbling: 87 (+7)
Passing: 87 (+4)
Physicality: 77 (+6)
Pace: 75 (+8)
Defending:  60 (+4)

Muller’s technical abilities are profound and exciting, although he does lack a little in terms of speed and agility.

Muller can be redeemed easily by completing one (1) Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) only:

oMinimum number of Players from Bundesliga: 1
oMinimum In-Form (IF) Players: 1
oMinimum Squad Rating: 84
oMinimum Team Chemistry: 65
oMinimum number of Players in the Squad: 11

This might be amongst the easiest ways for you to nab a 90+ Player Card in the game, and the deadline is still far away at 16th March 2022 (Wednesday) too!

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