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FUT 22: New Prime Icons arrive to SBC

time 2022-03-07 10:02

About the players
Dalhlish: His current market price is 1,361,000 coins on PS, 1,200,000 on Xbox and 1,430,000 on PC. He has four skill stars and five bad leg stars, high/medium work rate, Body Type "Balanced," and right-handed.

His current market price is 659,000 coins on PS, 659,000 on Xbox, and 690,000 on PC. He has four skill stars and a bad leg, high/low work rate, Body Type "Balanced", is 5'8" and right-handed. Remember, if you want to get Safe FUT 22 Coins, follow the link of our sponsor U7buy.

Powerful icons to up your game
Kenny Dalglish is an area specialist. He is the typical DC physically weak but very electric, who also takes advantage of his five stars of bad leg to be even more unpredictable. If you tend to trap the opposition in the final yards, he is quite adept at creating his scoring chances in front of the center-backs. However, he combines this great skill with a considerable flaw. It is very negative that such an expensive Icon barely reaches 75 in vision and 56 in long passing.
When we need to advance through walls or when he is in a good position to send a triangle, it is logical that he does not have the precision of others. Passing is an important aspect of FUT 22 gameplay and this Legend does not deliver.
While Luis Figo Prime is the classic player who does not reach the top in almost anything but is remarkable in almost everything. We recommended his Medium version for certain cases and this one is very similar, the stats improvement is not too big.
He is a fairly balanced player, who usually adapts well to any style of play or enemy defensive system. We do not consider him a top-level attacker, but right now he can offer good performance in competitive squads.
As always happens in these cases, general SBC's are accompanied by much cheaper ones. In them, we can get Figo and Dalglish Prime on loan for five games.

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