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FUT 22 Verde Moments Review

time 2022-03-16 20:39

You can buy safe FUT 22 Coins at the best price so you can take advantage and get offers as soon as the opportunity arises. The bad leg is an important aspect this season, but in certain cases, it affects more than in others. And this is a great example of a card that would be brutal if he could shoot well with both feet, but his level drops quite a bit because he is not consistent with the right. A great pity because, if he were to reach the four stars, he would be an ideal option to receive the ball inside the box and generate his goal-scoring chances.
As he barely has three bad legs, Verde Moments is not completely convincing. He is the typical profile of a physically weak player, who does not stand out for his strength and is small in height. His dribbling could be higher (85), but he will still be skilled on the ball because of his short wingspan, 94 in agility, and 97 in balance. He is the classic electric player and can execute any FUT 22 filigree. A very positive combination in the last meters, but he will not always is able to take advantage of it as much as we would like.
Is worth it?
In short, Verde Moments has interesting qualities but he is not a complete attacker without serious flaws. And it's a pity he doesn't reach four stars with a bad leg because, if he did, he would increase his value a lot. He would be a very useful card inside the box. He can score clear chances with his shooting stats and generate some with his skills. But against the toughest opponents, being insecure with his right foot will be a major handicap. While on the wing he can suffer because of his physical weakness.
It will be more interesting the greater your mastery of filigree. If you are incredibly good at using this ability, you can often disguise his shortcomings. And despite not being a balanced player, it is acceptable as a free alternative to Chiesa TOTGS. But it's not one of the most powerful free-to-play versions to appear in FUT 22, and there's no harm in passing it up. Unless you get some very valuable links later, it's not a must-have item. In fact, an even more competitive winger would be ideal. It is not complicated to find better status at a reasonable cost.

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