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FUT Birthday: How to Complete Ryan Fredericks SBC

time 2022-04-15 09:13

The best selection of safe FUT 22 Coins on the market today has to be at U7Buy where explosive discounts and sale bundles are always available every single day! The FUT Birthday promotion is timed to coincide with the day FUT was created. We've seen a lot of fantastic cards during that time, and the promotion has even more - including a card for Ryan Fredericks.

Ryan Fredericks' FUT birthday card is a significant improvement over his standard gold card from OVR 76. In addition to his OVR rating of 87, he also has +19 in shooting, +14 in assists, +11 in dribbling, +11 in physical strength and +6 in pace. Also, considering it's a FUT birthday card, it has that nice five-star upgrade for the weak foot. Here's how you can get the SBC FUT 22 FUT Birthday Ryan Fredericks card for the lowest price.

The FUT 22 FUT Birthday SBCs are less demanding than the other team-building tasks presented in the various promotions. That doesn't make them any less valuable, however, because they are easy to do for what you get.

For example, you only need to submit two squads to unlock Ryan Fredericks' FUT greeting card, and the requirements for each are not too high. Here's their list, followed by the cheapest solutions.


Number of England players: Min. 1
IF players: Min. 1
Squad Rating: Min. 84
Team chemistry: min. 65
Number of players in your squad: 11
Reward: 1 small, rare mixed set of players.


premier league

Players in Premier League: Min. 1
Squad Rating: Min. 85
Team chemistry: Min 60
Number of players in your squad: 11
Reward: 1 bonus mixed set of players.


The cost of the PKI for Ryan Fredericks birthday in FUT 22 FUT

Ryan Fredericks FUT birthday card price is reasonably priced. It will only cost you 120,000 FUT coins on PlayStation, 127,500 on Xbox and 1,30,000 on Origin PC, which is a great deal for the card.

Just remember that FUT Market prices can fluctuate. So if you want to get it at the lowest possible price, it would be wise to act now if it goes up.

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