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FUT 22 SBC: How to Unlock Aaron Ramsey RTTF Card

time 2022-05-13 14:02

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Leaks have indicated that a new batch of Road to the Final (RTTF) cards is coming out, and this is the second in a few days: Aaron Ramsey from the Rangers has joined the squad. The leaker FUT Sheriff has revealed that Aaron Ramsey will receive the Road to the Final card via SBC.

The former Arsenal centre-half has seen a massive boost across the board and now has an OVR card of 89. His Road to Final card will have the potential for further improvement depending on how well Rangers do in the Europa League.

Aaron Ramsey (89 OVR)


The requirement of unlocking this card with 89 OVR is as follow:

Aaron Ramsey

At least 1 TOTW player
Team rating has to be more than 83
Team Chemistry has to be more than 75
The reward is going to be a Aaron Ramsey RTTF card

How RTTF cards work?

All Road To The Final items will start updating when the event starts. Thereafter, the player's "Road To The Final" item is further upgraded each time their team succeeds in the individual stages of the tournament. If a player is no longer part of a club in any of the tournaments, they will no longer receive any promotions. Likewise, if a player's team is eliminated from both tournaments, they will no longer receive any updates.

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