FUT 23: Everything We Know So Far

time 2022-05-16 09:49

The best and safest FUT 22 coins is on sale at U7buy, make sure you place your order now to get the first chance to win the deals. A potential change of the name for FUT's flagship game may be on the way, but it may seem like the only major change to the game. 

FUT hasn't revealed much about the upcoming FUT 23 game, which is expected to be released on Friday, September 30, 2022, predicted from last year's game release schedule. However, we now know that FUT 22 crossplay testing will begin very soon. FUT announced that the game modes that will be available during testing, as well as the platforms on which it will be held.

Release Date

Since the next game is still a long time waiting, we know little about the upcoming game, but our best guess is the game will be released in this October.

Cover Star

Every season, the cover star for FUT is a highly anticipated, and in FUT 22, FUT has selected Kylian Mbappe for two editions of the game. FUT community will come up with some amazing designs.

Game Modes

VOLTA Football is newly born, so we shouldn’t expect any new game modes anytime soon. UT will remain the main source of income in FUT, so it is expected that a lot of work will be done on the most popular and profitable game mode. Career Mode is suspended in FUT 22, so there will not be any major changes in FUT 23. 


Will there be new leagues in the game next season? Top of our wish list is the restoration of the Brazilian league, despite having a presence in the game, which includes only generic players.

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