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FUT 22: The Next TOTS League

time 2022-05-23 10:21

U7buy offers you legit yet cheap FUT 22 Coins xbox one, head over to U7buy.com now! The biggest and best campaign of the year in FUT 22 is finally here with the Team of the Season promo now underway. The Premier League TOTS lineup has been and is gone, and the Bundesliga roster is dominating the game, which is available in packs right now, along with the Saudi Arabia Pro League TOTS roster. FUT will be releasing several major and minor league rosters in the coming weeks, so let’s discover which TOTS league is next in FUT 22 here. 

La Liga TOTS launches on Friday, May 20th, with the new card pack available in packs starting around 13:00 ET / 18:00 BST. The next Minor League Team of the Season roster to be released in FUT will be Liga NOS. Liga NOS TOTS will launch on Sunday, May 22nd, with the new set of cards available in packs starting around 13:00 ET / 18:00 BST.

The official FUT Twitter account has just revealed the Bundesliga TOTS roster, which is available in packs right now. Rumor has it that the TOTS Bundesliga roster is better than the Premier League roster and we tend to agree! 

Pure class reigns all over the field and Jude Bellingham stands out with his amazing card. FUT 22 legend Christopher Nkunku joins the squad, adding to his collection of 11 FUT cards. Canadian left back and FUT 22 streamer Alphonso Davies made the list with a stunning 93 OVR card.

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